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“Say this. Say not this. Say it again. Like this. Say translating in the dark. Say smuggled translation, illegitimate translation, illegal translation, undefinitive translation, unauthorized translation.”—Say Translation Is Art by Sawako Nakayasu

This workshop looks to the body as a site of language: as a coded, scripted, culturally contructed phenomena. We will spend time  understanding the ways in which the body is already languaged and attempting to read the biotexts that each of us live and dance within. We will use methods of translation to understand how choreography can intervene in the writing, reading (and living) of the biotext. We will practice reading across bodies and text. We will practice speech as a form of gesture. We will practice writing from the body and to the body. We will practice dancing as a form of writing and dancing together as a form of translation.


27.11.23 until 15.12.23 • teaching
Teaching Workshop "Translating the Bio-text" at HZT, Berlin, DE.