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Moving into Writing

Workshop with Chloe Chignell and Ann-Christin Kongsness

This workshop aims to take seriously the movement it is to come from and work within the field of dance and choreography and enter the field of literature through engaging in the activity of writing. How to not be completely overwhelmed by the conventions, demands and categorizations that exist in the field of literature, and at the same time not be completely ignorant towards it? How to deal with all of this on our own terms and integrate it into what we are already doing? We have developed this workshop on the basis of our own experiences, trying to make the workshop we ourselves would want to attend and that would be useful to us.

Through this workshop we will offer different entry points into the act of writing. Each day we will operate within a new frame that will make possible new experiences of and perspectives on writing. The different frames will facilitate different positions of authorship, different situations for working and different sets of values for what could be written. Each day we will change the time intervals, the limited or expanded frames for content to be produced and the degree of collectivity and sharing. This way we want to offer a wide range of ways to write and think about writing, so that everyone will hopefully find moments of comfort, reorientation and challenge.

This workshop ihas been hosted by The National Danish School of Performing Arts Copenhagen, Praxis Oslo and supported by Arts Council Norway. It was first developed for the Indigo Dance Festival at PAF Summer University in August 2017. 


11.11.19 until 15.11.19 • teaching
Moving into Writing with Ann-Christin Kongsness at National Danish School for Performing Arts, Copenhagen. 
20.05.19 until 24.05.19 • teaching
Moving into Writing Workshop with Ann-Christin Kongsness, Praxis Festivalen, Olso.