Chloe Chignell

Chloe Chignell (AU) is an artist working across text, choreography and publishing. Chloe takes the body as the central problem, question and location of her research. She invests in writing as a body building practice, examining the ways in which language makes us up. She graduated from the research cycle at P.A.R.T.S (BE, 2018) and went on to the post-master research program at A.pass (BE, 2020). She has a Bachelor in Dance from Victorian College of the Arts, (AU, 2013) and studied a writing and residency program at DOCH (SE, 2017). She received the DanceWEB scholarship in 2015.

Since 2019 Chloe co-runs rile* a bookshop and project space for publication and performance with Sven Dehens.  Her most recent work Poems and Other Emergencies premiered at Batard Festival Brussels 2020 and has been presented at Saal Biennale (Tallinn, 2021), Moving Words Festival (NO, 2021), QL2 (AU, 2022) and soon at KAAP (Bruges, 2022) and Littérature etc. (Paris 2022). Chloe has been commissioned by the Keir Choreographic (AU, 2016) for the creation of Deep Shine touring to Japan for The Awaji Art Festival. She presented a short work forever in both directions for the Venice Biennale’s Biennale of Dance (2017).

As a dancer Chloe has collaborated with James Batchelor, Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Anna Gaiotti, Clara Amaral, Gry Tingskog, Atlanta Eke, Ellen Söderhult and Phoebe Berglund performing in Australia and across Europe.

She published her first book The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable with uhbooks edited by Will Holder (2020). Her writing has been published in: an online temporary reading space (NL), Choreography Journal (NO), Le Chauffage (BE), RealTime (AU), This Container Magazine (SE/BE), ...and then the doors open again (BE/NL) and Engagement Arts Zine (BE).   

Chloe is the founder and co-editor of This Container magazine, a publication focusing on choreographic writing, currently in its 8th edition. She has developed choreographic writing and reading formats hosted by Kottinspektionen (Stockholm), PraxisFestivalen (Oslo), PAF (France) Scene:Bluss (Norway). She teaches the Masters of Choreography Students at ISAC. 



28.11.24 until 30.11.24 • performance
Begin / The Mirror [premiere] NEXT festival, Espace Pasolini, Valenciennes, FR


01.07.24 until 07.07.24 • residency
Begin / The Mirror, residency, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kortrijk
22.06.24 • performance
Begin / Beguines [here love speaks] presentation at Klosterruine, Berlin.
03.06.24 until 14.06.24 • residency
Begin / The Mirror, Residency, Pavillion ADC, Geneva

less recent, still present

22.04.24 until 26.04.24 • residency
Begin / The Mirror, Residency, Marseilles, FR
27.02.24 until 28.02.24 • performance
Shadow Text [Premiere] Bits of Dance KAAP, Bruges, BE.


16.12.23 • performance
Poem at Work, presented at SB34 as part of A Note on Dialect [Prelude] an invitation by Simon Asencio. Brussels, BE.
27.11.23 until 15.12.23 • teaching
Teaching Workshop "Translating the Bio-text" at HZT, Berlin, DE.
10.11.23 • performance
Shadow Text at Perdu, Amsterdam NL
14.09.23 until 15.09.23 • performance
Poems and Other Emergencies as part of conference: "Readings on the poetics of measure", Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.
10.07.23 until 22.07.23 • residency
Begin / The Mirror, Residency at La Briqueterie - CDCN du Val-de-Marne, FR
09.07.23 • performance
Shadow Text as part of Almost Summer / Feminist Futures Festival, Kortrijk, BE
03.07.23 until 07.07.23 • teaching
Teaching Pilates at the P.A.R.T.S Summer School
29.05.23 until 16.06.23 • teaching
Teaching BA students: Pilates and body conditioning. P.A.R.T.S
06.05.23 until 12.05.23 • residency
Begin / The Mirror, research residency at Centre d'animation Cambrai, FR
25.03.23 • performance
Showing of Shadow Text in the context of Oriana exhibition by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz.
06.02.23 until 03.03.23 • teaching
Teaching Movement Class - MA and BA Students at ISAC