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P0$$€ dance and reading is a weekly gathering for people wanting to spend time dancing and reading together. It is an open-ended study circle for practitioners within contemporary dance and other curious ones. We meet up weekly in different constellations to practice reading and dancing together and investigate what this could mean. Each session is hosted by one or several practitioners that propose the materials: text to read, a way to read the text and dances. The text can be written be artistic, essayistic, philosophical, articles, lyrics, poetry, manifestos, scores. The methods can vary from reading in a circle one by one, to braiding hair, to intimate readings, to speaking through robotic voices. The dances can vary in style: contemporary, modern, reggaeton, body work, formalism, expressive dance, dance-rituals, scores, meditations, writing, questioning, healing, dreaming, for example. POSSE is engaged with critical practices and with generating discourse through doing. POSSE is an institutional parasite, an autonomous entity, based on the idea that nothing is connected to everything, everything is connected to something (Harraway). The host of POSSE changes from week to week, just like its participants. POSSE is whoever is there.

POSSE was initiated by Tamara Alegre, Chloe Chignell, Louise Pousette and Klara Utke Acs in Stockholm. Since its initation POSSE has started in Melbourne Australia and Copenhagen, Denmark.

 The graphics are made by Ali-eddine Abdelkhalek. POSSE is registered as an ABF-study circle and takes place primarily at from February 2019. 


16.12.19 • workshop
Hosting P0$$€ dance and reading group, Melbourne. 
10.06.19 until 15.06.19 • workshop
Hosting Scene:Bluss P0$$€ edition at PIT Festival, Porsgrunn NO.
09.10.18 • workshop
P0$$E dance and reading group stone edition with text by Roger Caillois DOCH, Stockholm.