Shadow Text, Begin / The Mirror, Poem at Work, Poems and Other Emergencies, PUBLIC RELATIONS, APRIL (a performance), if leaking, Forever in both Directions, This Container, Touch(ed), Soft Reality

Poem at Work is a series of 60 cards each carrying one line of a poem. The cards are distributed throughout an event: they are read, traded, lost and found. Once in posession of a card the reader is required to smuggle the line of the poem into one of thier conversations throughout the evening. 

Printed in 3 editions, December 2023, For 'A Note on Dialect [Prelude]', an invitation by Simon Asencio at SB34, Brussels, Belgium. 


"there is a poem operating covertly among us / it has been divided / dismembered line by line / it wants to be your guest / heard and overheard / this poem will spill over into ordinary speech / hiding in your conversations / this poem asks for your tongue / it reaches for your throat / it takes on your breath / on this card you will find a fragment / you are the guardian of these words / speak them whenever you can / without leaving your voice or your conversation" 


16.12.23 • performance
Poem at Work, presented at SB34 as part of A Note on Dialect [Prelude] an invitation by Simon Asencio. Brussels, BE.