26-27 Oct 2019/  Performing Deep Space by James Batchelor at Pompidou, Málaga, Spain.
07-20 Dec 2019/  Poems and Other Emergencies Residency at Lucy Guerin Inc. Melbourne, Australia.

11-13 Sep 2019/  Workshop: Feelings of Forms/Forms of Feelings. Danscentrum, Stockholm.
31-31 Aug 2019/  This Container 07 Launch Kule, Berlin.
19 Aug 2019/  Poems and Other Emergencies Residency at Workspacebrussels, Belgium.
10 Aug 2019/  Next to all those organs you love poetry reading event at rile*, Brussels.
22-27 Jul 2019/  Development of Les Antécédentes by Anna Gaiotti, Ménagerie De Verre, Paris.

Less recent still present
28-28 Jun 2019/  Performed reading at 'Words Don't Come Easy' hosted by Feelings and Simon, Brussels.
20-24 May 2019/  Moving into Writing Workshop co-teaching with Ann-Christin Kongsness, Praxis Festivalen, Olso.
18 May 2019/  This Container Edition 07 Launch at Insister Space, Stockholm.
09-09 May 2019/   Rile* Opening, Brussels
20-21 Apr 2019/  Performing Deep Space by James Batchelor at Centre Pompidou, Paris.
21-23 Mar 2019/  Performing in a.pass group show for Performatik at Kanal Pompidou, Brussels.

30-30 Jan 2019/  Reading 'The girl with her tongue out' in Twisted Tongues Reading Club curated by Roxanne Maillet at Damien and the Love Guru, Brussels.
24-26 Jan 2019/  Premiere of Feelings by Adriano Wilfert Jensen at Bora Bora, Aarhus, Denmark.
16 Dec 2018/  Graphic design for It is a Strange Realism but it is a Strange Reality hosted by ArtCinema Offoff, Gent and feeelings, Brussels.
10-22 Dec 2018/  Development for project 'Feelings' as apart of ANALYSIS by Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Tallinn.
08-09 Dec 2018/  Performing Deep Space by James Batchelor in December Dance Brugges, Belgium.
02 Nov 2018/  Slick Emergencies screened (film edition of...as if leaking) for Paperworks Magazine, Event edition, Nottingham, UK.
15 Oct 2018/  Poetry Reading at 'Next to All Those Organs you Love' with Lili M. Rampre, Brussels.
09 Oct 2018/  P0$$E dance and reading group Stone edition with text by Roger Caillois DOCH, Stockholm.
06-07 Oct 2018/  Check In workshop with Adriano Wilfert Jensen and Sandra Lolax, Transistor 06 CPH Festival, Copenhagen.
30 Sep 2018/  New Collection of Poetry Released, co-written with Lili M. Rampre, ARTS, Brussels.
28 Sep 2018/  ...as if leaking Premiere at P.A.R.T.S Final Presentation of Research Cycle, Brussels.
12 Aug 2018/  Audio Edition of This Container Ed06 broadcast by Montez Press Radio, NYC.
03-05 Aug 2018/  This Container Edition 06 Slow launch and workshop at No More Erasers Summer School, Brussels.
01-03 Jul 2018/  Performing Deep Space by James Batchelor, London.
27 Jun 2018/  Facilitated Transtexting workshop with Lili M. Rampre and Thomas Birzan, CND, Paris.
19-23 Jun 2018/  Performing Deep Space by James Batchelor, Birmingham International Festival, Birmingham.
30-03 Jun 2018/  Facilitated Choreographic Reading work group, Kottinspekionen, Stockholm.