Chloe Chignell

Chloe Chignell (Australia) is a dancer and choreographer based in Brussels working across text, choreography and publishing. In 2019 she opened rile* a bookshop and project space for practices moving between publication and performance, with Sven Dehens. Her most recent work Poems and Other Emergencies premiered at Batard Festival Brussels 2020, and was supported by WorkspaceBrussels, BUDA Kortrijk, Lucy Geurin Inc and La Balsamine.

She graduated from the research cycle at P.A.R.T.S (BE, 2018) and went on to the post-master research program at A.pass (BE, 2020). She has a Bachelor in Dance from Victorian College of the Arts, (AU, 2013) and studied a writing and residency program at DOCH (SE, 2017). As a choreographer Chloe has been commissioned by the Keir Choreographic Award (AU) for the creation of Deep Shine touring to Japan for The Awaji Art Festival. She presented a short work forever in both directions for the Venice Biennale’s Biennale of Dance (IT 2017). As a dancer Chloe has worked for Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Anna Gaiotti, Gry Tingskog, Atlanta Eke, Ellen Söderhult, Phoebe Berglund and James Bachelor performing in Australia and across Europe.

Chloe is co-editor of This Container magazine, currently in its 8th edition based between Stockholm, Brussels and Melbourne. Her writing has been published by This Container, Koreografi, Indigo Dance Magazine (PAF) and Realtime (Australia). She has developed choreographic writing and reading formats hosted by Kottinspektionen (Stockholm), PraxisFestivalen (Oslo), PAF (France) Scene:Bluss (Norway). She is co-initiator of PO$$E a dance and reading group based in Stockholm with satelite groups now in Copenhagen and Melbourne.  

Chloe Chignell


19 Apr until 24 Apr 2021 • Residency
In Other Words by Ingrid Berger Myhre, Rotterdam
15 Apr 2021 • Performance
APRIL (a WhatsApp Performance)
05 Apr until 17 Apr 2021 • Residency
Public Relations in Development, BUDA
15 Mar until 26 Mar 2021 • Residency
In Other Words by Ingrid Berger Myhre, KAAP


08 Mar 2021 • Publication
Bootleg edition of Monique Wittig (Collected Writing)
03 Feb 2021 • Performance
Feelings by Adriano Wilfert Jesnen
01 Feb until 28 Feb 2021 • Workshop
Teaching MA Choreography at ISAC, Brussels
06 Dec until 18 Dec 2020 • Residency
Development of Experience by Adriano Wilfert Jensen at PAF
19 Nov 2020 • reading
Close Reading Group–Claudia Rankine, The White Card
19 Nov 2020 • Publication
NEW PUBLICATION BY UH BOOKS: The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable/ Language As Prosthesis


27 Oct 2020 • reading
Close Reading Group–Lou Sullivan Selected Diaries
03 Oct until 04 Oct 2020 • 
rile* re-opening
01 Oct 2020 • Publication
Language as Prosthesis: Essay published in Dancehouse Diary
31 Jul 2020 • Publication
New poetic essay published in: And then the doors opened again...
15 Jun until 26 Jun 2020 • Residency
Research Phase of Public Relations at Kaai Theatre
15 Jun until 26 Jun 2020 • Residency
Public Relations in Development
14 Jun until 19 Jun 2020 • rile*
Reading Room for The School for Temporary Liveness
28 Apr until 29 Apr 2020 • Performance
In Other Words by Ingrid Berger Myhre, Oslo
06 Apr until 29 Apr 2020 • Residency
In Other Words by Ingrid Berger Myhre, Rotterdam/Oslo
16 Mar until 20 Mar 2020 • Residency
In Other Words by Ingrid Berger Myhre, Rotterdam
02 Mar until 13 Mar 2020 • Residency
In Other Words by Ingrid Berger Mhyre, BUDA
22 Feb 2020 • rile*
Launch__Montez Press Interjection Calendar 005
30 Jan 2020 • rile*

rile* in conversation with Engagement Arts on self-organisation and publishing.

28 Jan until 02 Feb 2020 • rile*

rile* at Batard Festival, Brussels.

27 Jan until 03 Feb 2020 • Performance

Premiere of Poems and Other Emergencies, Batard Festival, Brussels.

22 Dec 2019 • Publication

Call for Submissions, This Container Edition 08.  

16 Dec 2019 • Workshop

Hosting P0$$€ dance and reading group, Melbourne. 

07 Dec until 20 Dec 2019 • Residency

Poems and Other Emergencies, Lucy Guerin Inc. Melbourne, Australia.

18 Nov until 23 Nov 2019 • Residency

Poems and Other Emergencies, Workspacebrussels, Belgium. 

17 Nov 2019 • rile*

Launch of Kathy Acker Early Writings, rile*, Brussels. 

11 Nov until 15 Nov 2019 • Teaching

Moving into Writing with Ann-Christin Kongsness at National Danish School for Performing Arts, Copenhagen. 

28 Oct until 03 Nov 2019 • Residency

Poems and Other Emergencies, Workspacebrussels, Belgium. 

26 Oct until 27 Oct 2019 • Performance

Deep Space by James Batchelor at Pompidou Málaga, Spain.

19 Oct until 20 Oct 2019 • Performance

Deep Space by James Batchelor at Tramway, Glasgow.

17 Oct 2019 • Performance

In Other Words by Ingrid Berger Myhre at CODA Oslo.

12 Oct 2019 • rile*

My Mother Laughs by Chantal Ackerman, with Translator Daniella Shreir, Rile*, Brussels. 

06 Oct 2019 • rile*

Cyberpositive with Maggie Roberts, Rile*, Brussels. 

11 Sep 2019 • Performance

Feelings by Adriano Wilfert Jensen at MDT, Stockholm.

11 Sep until 13 Sep 2019 • Teaching

Feelings of Forms/Forms of Feelings, as apart of Analysis by Adriano Wilfert Jensen. Danscentrum, Stockholm.

31 Aug until 31 Aug 2019 • Launch

This Container 07, Kule, Berlin.

28 Aug until 31 Aug 2019 • Performance

Deep Space by James Batchelor, Tanz Im August, Berlin.

25 Aug 2019 • rile*

Belladonna reading with Rachel Levitsky and Nathalie Rozanes, Rile*, Brussels. 

24 Aug 2019 • rile*

Launch: Not Not Nothing by Mette Edvardsen and Something Some things Something else by Jeroen Peeters, rile*, Brussels. 

19 Aug 2019 • Residency

Poems and Other Emergencies, Workspacebrussels, Belgium.

14 Aug until 16 Aug 2019 • Performance

Feelings by Adriano Wilfert Jensen, SAAL Biennaal, Tallinn, ES.

10 Aug 2019 • rile*

Next to all those organs you love, Rile*, Brussels. 

22 Jul until 27 Jul 2019 • Residency

Les Antécédentes by Anna Gaiotti, Ménagerie De Verre, Paris.

01 Jul until 12 Jul 2019 • Residency

Poems and Other Emergencies, BUDA, Kortrijk.

28 Jun until 28 Jun 2019 • Reading

The Girl-with-her-tongue-out at 'Words Don't Come Easy' by Feelings and Simon, Brussels.